Departures from John F. Kennedy International Airport

Each of six terminals located on the territory of the airport has its own Departures Hall. As all of those are operating nearly independently from each other. During the construction process of the airport, it was decided to give out a separate terminal to each of the leading airlines operating at the airfield. Thus, let’s see what exactly can you find in each of the Departure Halls.

That terminal hosts the operations of Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Air and Lufthansa airlines solely. There are four levels available. The Departures Level hosts the Check-in Desks only. That means that after you have passed all of the control and security checks, you come here to wait for the flight.

That terminal hosts only the trips that are managed by Delta airline. However, that is also important to mention that this terminal hosts only flight that is provided within a country and not international ones. It has boarding gates C60-C70. There are only two levels at that terminal. The Departures Level hosts Check-in Desks, as well as security control tables. There are eleven boarding gated located there too (C60-C70). You can easily obtain access to Wi-Fi here as well while waiting for the boarding to start.

That is a fully international terminal, meaning that all international flights are departing from it. The leading airline operating from the terminal is Delta. There are two concourses located in that terminal. Concourse A hosts gated A3-A5, and concourse B hosts gated B20, B22-B38, as well as B41. There are three levels available at the terminal. Notably, the Departures Level hosts Check-In Desks, as well as two Airlines Club. Here, for an additional fee, you can freely relax, read a newspaper, surf the Internet, get drinks and light snacks, as well as use the private bathroom if needed.

That terminal offers space for the operation of several airlines. However, the main one that is based continuously there is JetBlue Airways. The terminal has all of its facilities spread across only two floors. The Departures Hall is, notably, located on the second floor. The passengers might proceed straight to the boarding gates after they finish all of the security controls. The Pet Relief area is also available in the Departures Hall.

That terminal is, in turn, entirely dedicated to the British Airways operations. There the passengers might find the boarding gates 1 to 12. There are also two floors located there. The second floor is covered by the Departures Hall that hosts all of the check-in desks and security checkpoints.

The terminal is an official hub of American Airlines. However, it also hosts the operations of other international airlines. On the second floor of it, you may reach the Departures Hall. There you can find the check-in desks, as well as the Airline Club located right after those.